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Ecological company held after the National Day holiday and key work deployment meeting

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2023-10-24 09:02 Number of readings:


      On October 7, the ecological company held a post-holiday retreat and key work deployment meeting to listen to the recent progress of work and arrange the deployment of key work in the fourth quarter。
      The meeting pointed out that the fourth quarter is the key node to sprint the annual task, do a good job in the fourth quarter of the work, to achieve the annual goal of the task is crucial, the company should be excited, full of energy, one hundred days, sprint the fourth quarter。
      As requested by the meeting,一是To return to the position, all employees should quickly adjust the state, so that personnel return, ideological return, work in place, and put into work in a good state。二是Consolidate responsibility, make every effort to investigate and eliminate all kinds of safety hazards, strengthen the control of key links and key areas, continue to create a good safety atmosphere, and ensure that the annual safety production situation is stable and orderly。三是All-out sprint, in accordance with the established annual key work, strengthen overall coordination, strengthen supervision and supervision, and sprint the annual goal to ensure the smooth completion of the objectives and tasks throughout the year。(周琳)

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