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Ecological company held "Reading ancient beautiful articles, reciting Chinese classics" ancient poetry recitation competition

Source: Unknown 时间:2020-01-07 09:01 Number of readings:

    On December 27, Eco Company held the theme of "Reading ancient beautiful Articles, reciting Chinese Classics" ancient poetry recitation competition。


    Players to interpret the connotation of excellent traditional Chinese culture,The goal is to highlight the charm of Chinese language and culture,Classic material selection, elegant shape,Puffin, graceful,Full of spirit and sincere feelings,The voice is loud and accurate,Walk with the scriptures in reading, make friends with the saints in reading,Fully show the spirit of the majority of workers。The company's leadership team also impromptu participated in the reading activities at the scene, pushing the atmosphere to a climax。The whole event was broadcast live through multiple channels on the financial media platform, presenting a wonderful competition for all employees。

    本次活动旨在深入贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,Promote core socialist values,Strengthen the cultural confidence of the "four self-confidence",Create a good atmosphere for inheriting and carrying forward Chinese classics and fine traditional culture,Further enrich the corporate culture and cultural life of employees,Provide cultural accumulation and spiritual motivation for the company's sustained high-quality development。(Xue Yaqi)


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